Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Open!

I spent last weekend getting everything finished and moving it into my new booth space at the Merchants Outlet Mall.  I'm really pleased at how great it looks!  No pictures yet.  I still have to hang my sign! 

Here are some pics of some of the items that have been upcycled and placed in the shop for sale.
Musical Jewelry box from the 70's.  Added artwork purchased from French artist through Etsy, and painted the box black with red accents.

I loved this blue glass plate.  I knew it needed a substantial pedestal, though.  When I found this heavy pewter candlestick, I knew it was a perfect match.  I love this!

 The storage ottoman above is a vintage piece that I covered with old felted sweaters.  A little silver paint to the wooden legs and it's a modern piece!

All of the display items in the shop are also upcycled.  I use the existing wall shelves and brackets left from the last renter, although I added a fresh coat of black paint to them.  I hang clothes from a rickety old ladder I painted, an old lamp and skis that I added hooks onto.

For shelf space, I tried to get creative as well.  I purchased this vintage vinyl upholstered headboard for $10.  I thought it could be great if repurposed into a shelf for the shop.  It definitely needs some sprucing, though! Franky still enjoyed hanging out under it.


So, I decided to use maps from an old atlas my dad gave me that was just laying around in his barn and Mod Podge it over the vinyl.  Here's the result!


What do you think?

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