Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Rare Before and After! Tile Top Table

I finally remembered to take the before pictures! 

This table was in the back of the garage at a yard sale I was at.  I asked if they would sell it to me, and luckily she did.  She said it had been sitting in her grandfather's garage for years.  This is how it looked when it first came home with me.

It didn't even have a top on it, which is perfect for me because then I get to be really creative!

I decided to tile the top using glass tiles.  I love to mix contemporary trends and designs with classic, antique pieces or form.  I let the colors in the tile inspire the paint job, which I left somewhat rough to give it a rustic look.

Then, I lined the drawer with wrapping paper to pretty it up even more.

The funny thing is, I almost forgot to  take the "After" pictures this time!  I had already dropped the table off at my shop, and then I remembered!  I had to run back in and snap some pics!  Some days, I am blonder than usual!


  1. I love this! What did you use to support the tile? You are very talented! The colors are beautiful :)

  2. This is utterly amazing. I absolutely love this table. It is so beautiful. What a transformation. I upcycle pieces of broken wood, and I fashion them into tables using adjustable table legs as support; however, I've never done anything fancy with the design of the tables. I usually just sand them down, finish them, and paint them. You've opened my eyes to an entirely new set of options. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. I used a piece of heavy plywood as the base for the tile.

  4. This is simply gorgeous! Do you mind me asking what you are charging for it?