Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tile Table Transformation!

I found this small, old table at an estate sale for $7.00.  I knew it had tremendous potential, because I loved the little drawers on both sides and the legs.  It was still very sturdy, but the top was covered in contact paper.  When I peeled it back, I discovered that the wood on top was cracked and peeling.

I decided the best way to rescue the top was with my favorite tiles!

I painted the entire table black and selected these great, tiny glass tiles that come in a sheet.  They are really inexpensive at the big box hardware stores.  I really liked the tiny silver tiles that were scattered throughout.

I had wanted to replace the existing handles with silver ones.  The originals are Bakelite plastic, and really quite beautiful; however, they are dark brown.  After searching and measuring multiple drawer pulls, I was not able to find any whose screws were the exact same distance as these.  I did not want to devalue the piece by filling in those wholes and drilling new ones, so I ended up just putting the original ones back on the drawers.