Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A few other recent projects

This is a table I repainted.  It was once a telephone table.  Now, it's just a fun little end table since everyone keeps their phones in their purse these days!

I made some Halloween decorations from yucky, kitschy knick-knacks purchased at Goodwill (love that place!)  A little paint, some glitter and spiderwebs...voila!  Instant creepy cute!

Cats, owls, birds and a rose candlestick are all in this pic.

I decided to make Halloween art, so I used a thrift store picture frame to hold pics of classic horror film creatures.  I dirtied the glass with some brown paint and cobwebs to add to the creepy factor.
Family Portrait!

Last, but not least, I have started painting shoes.  Don't ask why. 
The answer is because they are a cheap canvas, thanks to Goodwill.

Wingtips, anyone?

Baby tennis shoes



These were bridesmaid's shoes...the dreadful dyed to match the dress kind.

Glitter paints embellished the top, but the heels are covered in seed beads.

All of these items are now in my Etsy shop.

Upcycled Dinosaur Diorama

I am so excited about this latest project.  It is a Christmas gift for my nephew who loves dinosaurs. 

I started with a $1 tv from Goodwill.  I gutted it and painted it with plastic paints.

The walls were decoupaged with pages from used children's books, and I painted a bit to blend them together.
I made the volcano from a plastic water bottle covered in news-paper mache.  I installed a red light bulb that came from an old plastic Christmas decoration that was in a box of junk I bought at an auction.  The dinosaurs all came from a flea market for a quarter a piece. 
I positioned the large dinosaur near the hole where the knobs were, so there is something to see if you peek through.

This diorama cost less than $5.00 to make!  And, most importantly, it was fun!