Monday, September 12, 2011

Time to catch up!

Whew!  It was a busy Summer!  I thought I would just post some of the items I have upcycled over the past few months.  I will try not to let so much time lapse between posts in the future!

This first one is a used lamp from a thrift store and antique lampshade from flea market.
Nursery lamp with vintage card decoupage.

I used vintage "New Baby" cards to completely cover the wooden base of the lamp.

This second item is a Portable Mini Bar made from old metal toolbox.
The top is tiled with bottle caps. 
The door is adorned with a vinyl album of
"German Beer Drinking Songs"


This next item are little greeting messages made, quite simply,
from an old Scrabble set I picked up at a yard sale.
Scrabble tile messages